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Using the simple military record search you can search for Australian, New Zealand and Commonwealth military service records to help you discover the past and trace your family history. All records are sourced and hand transcribed from a variety of military and war documents, some exclusive to Forces War Records.

How to search Australian, New Zealand and Commonwealth Military Records

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3. Under Personal Information Add Nationality

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What types of records can I search for via the Add Branch of Service filter?

Australian Air Force, Australian Army, Australian Flying Corps, Australian Imperial Force, Australian Infantry, Australian Navy, Royal Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Air Force Nursing Service, Royal Australian Naval Reserve, Royal Australian Navy, New Zealand Army, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, New Zealand Forces, New Zealand Military Forces, New Zealand Navy, New Zealand Women’s Auxiliary Air Forces, Women’s New Zealand Navy, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force 27, Royal New Zealand Naval Reserve, Royal New Zealand Naval Reserve, Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve, and the Royal New Zealand Navy.