Australian Military Service Records

Military service records are great pieces of documentation that can help piece together the timeline of your family tree. They can hold information that may have been just out of reach but it fits all the pieces of the puzzle together, or, it can hold just a fact that you didn’t know about your relatives.

Personal Service Records

Also known as ‘dossiers’, personal service records are created for individuals throughout their military career. For most of the servicemen and servicewomen, this will be their only official documentation, so it really is a vital piece of information. They usually contain details on the individual on enlistment, their assignment to units, promotions as well as medical entitlements and any medical treatment they needed or received. They are usually held in the country of whom your relative served. So if your relative served in the RAAF, then the documents will be in Australia.

How they look

Australia-military-serviceThe calligraphy of the documents can be hard to interpret sometimes, however, this is still a problem most people face today! The document is clearly laid out in a table with clear headers, and a spacious box to fill in the individuals details. It is an easy to understand document with straightforward information. It contains only the basics of what you would need to know about your relative. If you are looking for extra information, then the personal military service records are not the documents you should be looking at.

Why they are useful?

Usually containing the dates of enrolment, the service records are able to provide a timeline to that relative’s life. From it you are able to work out when they were born, if they were religious and if so, which religion they believed in as well as what rank your relative was within their respective service, whether that be army, naval or RAAF. With some documents, you are able to work out if they were married, which can lead on to an entirely different branch for your family tree. They are great pieces of information for you to find as they can help answer all the questions you couldn’t find the answer to.

Forces War Service Records

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