History of The New Zealand Army and ANZAC Day

ANZAC day article sizedThe NZ military have been active since 1845, however recently adopted their new name ‘The New Zealand Army’ in 1950. Also known as ‘the Māori of New Zealand’, they have participated in many well-known wars such as the Korean War, the Boer War, the Vietnam War and even the War in Afghanistan. The New Zealand military also played their part in major wars such as World War 1 and World War 2, they’re involvement played crucial roles.

The most famous of the New Zealand Army’s battles was the Gallipoli Campaign. In World War 1, the British Empire, involving New Zealand’s armed forces, launched a naval attack upon Gallipoli peninsula. With a victory, the British Empire had a direct sea route to the Russian Empire. However, after many Gallipoli casualties and eight months of fighting, the campaign was abandoned and the Ottoman Empire were victorious. The date of the landing of the Allies forces, April 25th is actually one of the most important dates within Australia and New Zealand’s calendar as it marks the public holiday of Anzac Day.

It is easy to forget those who have fought for their country as time goes on and new threats or battles occur. It remains equally important to remember those that have fallen as well as forward to these new threats. That is why Anzac day is such an important day to the people of New Zealand. Anzac Day 2016 will be held on the 25th April 2016.

Why does New Zealand celebrate Anzac Day?

Anzac stands for ‘Australian and New Zealand Army Corps’. Anzac Day is not only celebrated in Australia, but New Zealand as well. Common ways to celebrate Anzac day include making Anzac biscuits, wearing a poppy and it’s usually a public holiday. It doesn’t only celebrate the army of New Zealand, but also the New Zealand Air Force and the New Zealand Navy.

Did my relatives serve with ANZAC?

It is a wonderful thing to recognise, those who fought and currently are fighting for your country. But some people are forgotten, and it is a shame. That is why we believe that everyone should be remembered. We have many New Zealand military records, if you think one of your ancestors had the potential to be a war hero, why not find out? A simple search might reveal something unexpected. Find out now.

Remember everyone. Never forget.

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